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USA Today
Harvey Weinstein scandal: An assistant warned brother 25 years ago
Plus, new accusers step forward including actress Sean Young , who accuses Weinstein of exposing himself to her on the set of a 1992 film.
‘The Walking Dead’ needs to kill Negan to survive
AMC’s long-running zombie series is being hampered by its primary villain. The sooner he’s gone, the better.
Josh Brolin brings surprise and heat as a heroic Hotshot firefighter in 'Only the Brave'
The charismatic actor stars as Granite Mountain Hotshots leader Eric Marsh, who perished in a 2013 wildfire, one in a slew of big-time film roles.
How accurate is 'Only the Brave'? Here's what the movie gets right and wrong
'Only the Brave,' an intense firefighter drama starring Josh Brolin, tells a true story. But how real is the movie's narrative?
Harvey Weinstein responds, has 'different recollection' of Nyong'o harassment claims
Weinstein responds to the Oscar-winning actress, who wrote a bombshell account detailing multiple encounters with the mogul as a Yale drama student.
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